Pat 12th march

Today is the opening of our exhibition at Stage@Leeds A great venue for hanging books with its very high windows.

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Jess 27th November

Our exhibition at Access Space finished two weeks ago. It went very well - lots of people visited and we have had lots of feedback which is great. We are now looking towards what is next for this project. Pat is having an open weekend where hopefully we will show our new piece and her books will be on show as well. More details will follow on this shortly. We are looking towards a follow-up exhibition next year - again details will be posted when things are little bit more confirmed. I am hoping we can find somewhere to show Skagaströnd as I really think it is our best collaborative piece yet. Hopefully we can get together and do some more collaborative work on other ideas soon.

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Pat 31 Oct

I must admit that when we turned up at 5.15 I did not expect to see so many people already there. The foyer, which seemed the right size when we were mounting the exhibition seemed so crowded. However, those who came on the opening had come to be an audience. When we realised that we had run out of seating in the main space we decided to start on time at 5.30. I would have hated it if I had been on my own, but with Jess and Liz, we managed to talk for an hour and the whole event seemed natural. The highlight of the opening, for me was to walk into Access Space and see all the monitors (of varying ages, colours and quality) with Jess's video of the geysers, bubbling mud pools and waterfall. It made it a special event. I think Access space was a perfect venue for what is an organic collaborative project, which will go on changing.

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Liz 28th October

Last week's opening of our exhibition was a great occasion - sorry that there weren't enough chairs for everybody. It was good to see people who were friends, fellow artists/writers and some who came because of Icelandic connections and interests. I want to thank Pat for printing my poems, and of course Hodsons and Rowlands for their work in installing the exhibition. Now we are thinking about what we do next on the collaborative front. I'm giving a talk at the NAWE conference in the middle of November so I'll be able to show the DVD of Stragastrōnd and discuss the background to our collaboration.

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Jess 24th October

Well the exhibition is now up and running at Access Space. We had our preview event last night and it went very well. Lots of people turned up, in fact we were worried that there were too many in the room. But we squeezed them all in and showed them our multi media piece - Skagaströnd. We talked about our experiences there and how we had collaborated, each of us talking through some of the thought processes of our work. Hoping to get some photos and video up on the web soon. I have to keep thinking that this is not the end, but it has been a hard slog to get to this point, especially the last few days when have been installing the work in the space.

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